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    What does a Safety and Hygiene Consultant do?

    A Security Consultant is in charge of advising and supervising the security measures necessary to effectively protect the assets of a company or a client, in this sense, they use their knowledge and expertise to evaluate potential security threats and violations to prevent them and develop protocols and contingency plans in case of any incident. Los Consultores de Seguridad suelen formar parte del personal de una empresa, en este caso, se les conoce como Jefes de Seguridad. Por otro lado, también pueden trabajar para una agencia de seguridad asistiendo a terceros. Las agencias de seguridad trabajan, por lo general, con empresas de mediano o gran tamaño y con personas interesadas en proteger sus bienes. El campo de trabajo de estos profesionales abarca un amplio espectro de oportunidades laborales, que van desde la protección de la propiedad, activos financieros, objetos valiosos y personas, hasta información.
    elaboración de programa interno de protección civil

    Consulting in Tijuana

    elaboración de programa interno de protección civil
    dictamen estructural servicio
    monitoreos ocupacionales y ambientales
    Main functions: Below are the most common functions of a Security Consultant:
    • -Analyze the regulatory obligations for business continuity in the three municipal, state and federal government bodies.​
    • -Set the necessary security parameters.
    • -Establish security protocols and policies, in addition to designing security plans to protect client assets:
    • -Create a set of security rules and standards.
    • -Design policies to protect customer interests.
    • -Implement security measures, providing the necessary technical supervision.
    • -Meet with clients:
    • -Explain to clients the protocols and security measures, in addition to everything related to the costs of equipment, personnel and maintenance.
    • -Review security problems with clients.
    • -Run vulnerability tests:
    • -Perform risk tests.
    • -Analyze potential violations.
    • -Design a plan to eliminate as many risks as possible.
    • -Prepare and present reports based on findings
    • -Assess emergency situations and coordinate an appropriate response.
    • -Be up to date with the latest security standards:
    • -Learn about the new security and technology systems and tools on the market.
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