Dangerous Waste in Tijuana Report.

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Waste or mixture of waste that presents risks to public health and / or adverse effects on the environment, either directly or due to its current or planned management, as a result of presenting some of the following characteristics: (1) Acute Toxicity, ( 2) Chronic Toxicity, (3) Extrinsic Toxicity, (4) Flammability, (5) Reactivity and (6) Corrosivity.

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Monitoreo ambiental en Tijuana

Concern about the management and management of hazardous waste or waste in the country is becoming increasingly important because of its implications for the environment; This is why the need arises to know figures on this subject and from the results, to be able to take control and management measures in the national territory.

Monitoreo ambiental en Tijuana

According to data presented in this report, it is known that in the last two years more than 1,400,000 tons of hazardous waste have been adequately managed, preventing them from affecting the environmental quality of the national territory, however, there are several areas in which is necessary to improve.


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