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Manifestation of environmental impact, Tijuana B.C.
Cursos protección civil para empresas tijuana

What is the environmental impact statement? *(MIA for it’s spanish capitals, Manifestación de Impacto Ambiental)

It is a document based on technical studies with which companies who wish to carry out any work or activity, describe the environmental conditions prior to the completion of the project in order to assess the potential impacts that construction and the operation of these activities could cause the environment and define and propose the necessary measures to prevent, mitigate or compensate for these alterations.

Content of an MIA

The content of an environmental impact manifestation depends on the modality that it requires, there are levels of presentation of an environmental impact manifestation and cases in which a regional modality environmental impact manifestation must be presented; by elimination, the rest of the cases will be presented in a particular way.

Cursos protección civil para empresas tijuana

Works and / or Activities that require an MIA:

Communication routes

Gas pipelines

Chemical industry

Paper industry

Electrical industry

Real estate developments

Registration to the state register of service providers regarding environmental impact and risk Registration No. 4.3. PPS-043/15

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