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gestión ambiental en Tijuana

What is an environmental audit?

It is a method that evaluates the processes of a company regarding pollution and environmental risk, compliance with applicable regulations, international parameters and good operating and engineering practices.

Why is it important for your company?

Through an environmental audit it will be possible to know and examine the situation of the company, identify areas of opportunity to make adjustments and corrections where there are conditions that damage or may affect the environment, promoting performance improvement.

Implications of an environmental audit for my company:

  • Environmental benefits

It updates and adapts the company to compliance with national environmental legislation.

Auditoria ambiental en Tijuana
  • Economic benefits

Derivatives of the savings distributed in items such as insurance payments, savings for efficient use of electricity consumption.

  • Social benefits

It promotes and fosters an environmental culture that they know in order to raise awareness of the importance of compliance with continuous improvement, pollution prevention and compliance with applicable environmental legislation.

Stages of the Environmental Audit:

Phase I. Planning of the Environmental Audit.

Phase II. Execution of the environmental audit (Field and Cabinet Works).

Phase III. The post Audit comes, which consists in establishing the contract for compliance with this agreement, the action plan is fulfilled and the corresponding certificate is delivered.

Registration to the state register of environmental auditors:

Eng. Eliseo Legorreta Frías 4.3. PAA-012/04


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