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Impacto ambiental en Tijuana

The environmental impact is the alteration of the environment, caused directly or indirectly by a project or activity in a given area, in simple terms the environmental impact is the modification of the environment caused by the action of man or nature.

Projects or activities likely to cause environmental impact, in any of its phases, must undergo evaluation to verify that their environmental impact conforms to current environmental standards.

What is an environmental impact study?

It is an instrument of environmental policy, whose objective is to prevent, mitigate and restore damage to the environment as well as the regulation of works or activities to avoid or reduce its negative effects on the environment and human health.

Why you company needs it?

Through this instrument, development options are proposed, that are compatible with the preservation of the environment and the correct use of natural resources.

Mandatory by: SEMARNAT

Estudio ambiental en Tijuana

What is the environmental impact assessment?

The objective of the environmental impact assessment is sustainability, but for a project to be sustainable it must consider, in addition to economic feasibility and social benefit, the reasonable use of natural resources.

The environmental impact assessment is a technical-administrative procedure that serves to identify, prevent and interpret the environmental impacts that a project will produce in its environment if it is executed.

Why you company needs it?

The governing body may consider preventive, mitigation, compensation and other measures that are voluntarily proposed by the applicant.

Mandatory by: SEMARNAT


  1. Environmental consent
  2. Environmental Impact Statement (MIA)
  3. Risk study
  4. Land-use change
  5. Use of maritime zone

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