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Environmental monitoring manifestation

The environmental monitoring that your company needs and accredited.

Get regularized today, we advise you to avoid fines and advise you on carrying out a needs analysis in terms of environmental compliance, safety and hygiene, training and related permits through urgent environmental consulting.

Techniques to Develop

The person or staff who is part of and who is interested in supporting brigades from civil agencies and organizations will be able to define the functions that brigades must perform before, during and after a contingency.

Regulatory Compliance

They are based on the guidelines stipulated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Prevention, in the Official Mexican Standard.


Analisis de reportes

Constancy or recognition and DC3.

Why hire our environmental monitoring service?

We are a group of experts, advisors and technicians in environmental monitoring.

The most important commitment for us is to achieve the fulfillment of the objectives set by our clients in order to achieve the goals together satisfactorily.


To regularize your environmental, safety and hygiene and civil protection control, we can do this based on a scheduled regulatory compliance program within the period determined by the client.


For example, if the client has a specific emergency regarding Environmental Control, Safety and Hygiene and Civil Protection, we are fully available to support them in solving their regulatory compliance problems.


Environmental management

We are a group of advisors and technicians specialized in environmental control and safety and hygiene. The most important commitment is to obtain the goals of our clients to achieve their objectives satisfactorily. We always operate within a framework of ethics, responsibility, professionalism and quality in each of our jobs.

  • What is environmental monitoring?

    By its nature, it is a long-term activity and is essential to describe the state of the environment and its trends. Monitoring programs seek to identify and quantify possible air, water, soil and noise contaminants.

    Why is it important for your company?

    Its importance lies in the fact that monitoring is the basis for the selection of actions based on the solution of an environmental problem or conflict.

    What types of monitoring do we carry out?

    Wastewater NOM-002-SEMARNAT-1996
    Emission sources NOM-043-SEMARNAT-1994
    Analysis CRIT NOM-052-SEMARNAT-2005
    Contaminated Soils NOM-138-SEMARNAT-2012
    What accreditations do we have?



Recognition, Evaluation and Control NOM-010-STPS-2014
Accreditations: EMA AND STPS


Noise NOM-011-STPS-2001
Lighting NOM-025-STPS-2001
Vibration NOM-024-STPS-1993
Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic and UV Radiations (internal method)
Measurement of Resistance and Electrical Continuity NOM-022-STPS-2008
Extreme and low temperatures NOM-015-STP-2001.
EMA and STPS accreditations

Registration in the state registry of experts in environmental monitoring:

Eng. Eliseo Legorreta Frías: 4.3. PPM-009-/08

Luis Alberto Pacheco Quezada: 4.3. PPM-021-14


Courses in Civil Protection (PC)


Training in the area of ​​civil protection is of utmost importance, since it is considered a system by which each country provides protection and assistance to citizens in the event of any disaster, in order to safeguard human lives, property and the environment. in which one lives. Learn to take care of yourself and us!

Courses in Safety and Hygiene (SH)

Training on occupational health and safety is an interdisciplinary process, in which it plays a vitally important role for your company and organization to implement actions that prevent workplace accidents and occupational diseases, which are of high cost and impact for people and institutions. Remember that your company and workers form a single team. Support them and Protect them!

Curso de reanimación cardio pulmonar en Tijuana
Curso de reanimación cardio pulmonar en Tijuana

Courses in Environmental Control (CA)

The circle of care for our environment is an opportunity to develop the ability we have to manage ourselves in a difficult environment, having the ability to adapt to the different unfavorable circumstances that arise. Be aware and inspect, monitor and apply legal and technical measures to reduce or avoid any risk or impact on a particular ecosystem, human activity or the environment in general. Taking care of the planet is taking care of your home!


Civil protection

Safety and Hygiene

Environmental control

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