First Aid in Tijuana

 In charge of staff with more than 25 years of experience

First aid consists of immediate care given to a sick, injured or injured person at the site of events, before being transferred to a care or hospital.

 First aid training in Tijuana

for accidents considered to be unavoidable

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First aid objectives.

  • Avoid injury and death
  • Avoid ingesting
  • Relieving pain
  • Avoid infections
  • Facilitate recovery

What to do in an emergency situation?

If you become aware of the subject matter, you can do the following:

  • Assessment of vital signs such as:
    • Respiratory frequency (number of breaths per minute)
    • Heart rate (number of heartbeats)
    • Pulse (blood circulation to all areas of the body)
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Importance and benefits.

First aid allows trainees to have the ability to assist in emergency situations. The trained person is extremely helpful in critical situations and can save a life or serious injuries and conditions in situations such as car accidents, injuries, seizures, natural disasters, bleeding, cuts, intoxications , allergies, falls, burns, fractures, bites and more. A person with basic or advanced first aid skills can be crucial to assisting the injured until professional care arrives. First aid can, in part, reduce the magnitude of an injury or emergency.


Train your staff in first aid in Tijuana

and reduces the magnitude of an accident

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