With more than three decades of dedication, we protect and strengthen the industry with our environmental experience.


We work with companies of all sizes and sectors to help them achieve their sustainability goals.
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Have you recently been inspected by any authority?
It is the advice, management and guide to obtain total compliance in terms of environmental procedures, training, safety and hygiene and civil protection.
Monitoring of procedures, attention to inspections, environmental compliance programs, audits, risk assessments, training plans, monitoring, etc.
Guarantee the continuity of operations and work in your business through environmental legal compliance, protecting you from inspections, fines and sanctions.


Taking care of the environment and your company

Do you know how to ensure that you are hiring an environmental legality sample?

To ensure that you are hiring an environmental legality sampler, verify that the company or professional has proven experience performing this type of work, that they are familiar with local environmental laws and regulations, and that they have good references from previous clients in similar projects.

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Who is part of the GProdase Group?

We are a group of advisors and technicians specialized in environmental control and safety and hygiene. The most important commitment is to obtain the goals of our clients to achieve their objectives satisfactorily. We always operate within a framework of ethics, responsibility, professionalism and quality in each of our jobs.
Environmental experience
Avoid non-compliance, demonstrate your company’s environmental commitment.


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• Operating License
• Land use
• Urban Image
• Certificate of security measures
• Environmental contingency plan
• Work safety conditions
• Evaluation of physical and chemical agents
• Studies in accordance with STPS standards
• Safety procedures
• Environmental Impact Statement
• Risk Study
• Contingency plan
• Internal civil protection program (PIPC)

• Wastewater discharge licenses
• Monitoring

• License of broadcast sources
• Monitoring
•Special Management Waste
•Registration as a generator
•Management Plans
•State COA
•Annual Reports
• Hazardous Waste
• Registration number as RP Generator (NRA)
• PR Management Plans • Federal COA

Servicios Ambientales


Our accreditations are the seal of quality that supports our work. They demonstrate our commitment to the highest standards of excellence and distinguish us as leaders in our industry.
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Work Environment

  • NOM-010-STPS
  • NOM-011-STPS
  • NOM-013-STPS
  • NOM-014-STPS
  • NOM-015-STPS
  • NOM-022-STPS
  • NOM-025-STPS

Emitting Sources

  • USEPA método 3A

  • NMX-AA-009-1993-SCFI

  • USEPA Test Method 10

  • NMX-AA-114-1991

  • USEPA Método 7E

  • NMX-AA-035-1976

  • Método interno FF-07

  • NMX-AA-054-1978

  • NMX-AA-056-1980

  • NOM-081-SEMARNAT-1994

  • NOM-035-SEMARNAT-1993

  • 40 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 50, Apéndice J.

  • USEPA Método 29

  • USEPA Método 23

  • USEPA 18


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Frequent questions

What exactly is environmental consulting and why would my company need to hire them?
Gprodase have a specialized service that helps companies understand and comply with environmental regulations, minimize their environmental impact and promote sustainable practices. You could contact us if what you need is to avoid fines, improve your reputation and contribute to caring for the environment.
What are the benefits of hiring Grupo Prodase for our business?
Benefits include regulatory compliance, reduction of legal and environmental risks, long-term cost savings, a positive image with customers, and contribution to environmental sustainability.
What is Grupo Prodase's experience and track record of success in environmental consulting projects?
Our company has more than 25 years of experience and has successfully completed similar projects for clients such as: Mytek, Sigma, Cobham, Cinepolis, IMSS, etc.
What are the environmental, local and national regulations that we must comply with as a company?
Regulations vary by location, but include laws on air quality, water, waste management and biodiversity conservation. We will evaluate those that apply to your company.
How will your services help our company comply with environmental regulations?
We will conduct a thorough assessment of your operations, identify areas of non-conformity, and develop strategies to ensure compliance with applicable environmental regulations.
What is the typical environmental assessment and analysis process you carry out?
Our process includes data collection, environmental impact analysis, risk identification, development of mitigation strategies and continuous monitoring.



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