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Internal Civil Protection Program

Internal civil protection program

Civil protection policies that promote the culture of self-protection as a way of life, enhancing the capabilities of people and their communities to reduce risks and resist the impact of disasters through the understanding of both natural and anthropic phenomena and the reduction of vulnerability, in such a way that each action represents a substantive change in forecasting, prevention, care and reconstruction.

Techniques to Develop

The person or staff who is part of and who is interested in supporting brigades from civil agencies and organizations will be able to define the functions that brigades must perform before, during and after a contingency.

Regulatory Compliance

They are based on the guidelines stipulated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Prevention, in the Official Mexican Standard.


Analisis de reportes

Constancy or recognition and DC3.


Environmental management

We are a group of advisors and technicians specialized in environmental control and safety and hygiene. The most important commitment is to obtain the goals of our clients to achieve their objectives satisfactorily. We always operate within a framework of ethics, responsibility, professionalism and quality in each of our jobs.

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The internal civil protection program has certification from the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare

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It is a planning and operating instrument that prevents and prepares the organization to respond effectively to the presence of risks that could generate an emergency or disaster.

Its objective is to safeguard the physical integrity of employees and people who visit the organization’s facilities, as well as to ensure the Continuity of Operations in the event of a calamity.

Benefits of the internal civil protection program

This plan contains response measures in emergency scenarios in order to guarantee the integrity of people, facilities and the environment.

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Civil protection

Safety and Hygiene

Environmental control

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