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Ambient Noise or Noise Pollution is excess sound that alters normal ambient conditions in a given area. 

Ambient Noise or Noise Pollution is excess sound that alters normal ambient conditions in a given area. Although the noise does not accumulate, moves or maintains in the time like other contaminations, also it can cause big damages in the quality of life of the persons if it is not controlled appropriately. The main causes of noise pollution are those related to human activities such as transport, building construction, public works, industries, among others.

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Monitoreo ambiental en Tijuana


• Quantify noise and ambient noise emission levels in decibels (dBA presented)

• Comparison of the results obtained with the associated regulations, i.e. resolution 627 of 2006 of the MAVDT.

• To realize the noise curves (isofonas) of the areas evaluated from the measurements taken in field.


The reach of this study is to evaluate the following parameters for day and night time and to compare them with the maximum standards allowed by environmental norms of the Constitution of the United Mexican States.

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Monitoreo ambiental en Tijuana


Prolonged exposure to noise, whether in everyday life or in the workplace, can cause medical problems, such as hypertension and heart disease. Noise can adversely affect reading, attention, troubleshooting, and memory. Failures in the performance of the work activity can cause accidents. Noise with levels above 80 dB can increase aggressive behavior.

Also there seems to be a connection between the community noise and certain mental problems, due to the demand of tranquilizers and sleeping pills, the incidence of psychiatric symptoms and the number of admissions to psychiatric hospitals.


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