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Noise monitoring in Tijuana

Perform your noise monitoring in Tijuana

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Techniques to Develop

The person or staff who is part of and who is interested in supporting brigades from civil agencies and organizations will be able to define the functions that brigades must perform before, during and after a contingency.

Regulatory Compliance

They are based on the guidelines stipulated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Prevention, in the Official Mexican Standard.


Analisis de reportes

Constancy or recognition and DC3.


Environmental management

We are a group of advisors and technicians specialized in environmental control and safety and hygiene. The most important commitment is to obtain the goals of our clients to achieve their objectives satisfactorily. We always operate within a framework of ethics, responsibility, professionalism and quality in each of our jobs.


• Quantify noise emission and environmental noise levels, in decibels (dBA presented)

• Carry out the comparison of the results obtained with the associated regulations, i.e. MAVDT resolution 627 of 2006.

• Create noise curves (isophones) of the evaluated areas based on measurements taken in the field.


The scope of this study is to evaluate the following parameters for daytime and nighttime hours and compare them with the maximum standards allowed by environmental regulations of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States.

Evaluación de ruido laboral


Evaluación de ruido laboral

Prolonged exposure to noise, whether in everyday life or at the workplace, can cause medical problems, such as hypertension and heart disease. Noise can adversely affect reading, attention, problem solving, and memory. Failures in the performance of work activity can cause accidents. Noise levels above 80 dB can increase aggressive behavior.

There also appears to be a connection between community noise and certain mental problems, due to the demand for tranquilizers and sleeping pills, the incidence of psychiatric symptoms and the number of admissions to psychiatric hospitals.


Civil protection

Safety and Hygiene

Environmental control

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