Do you know if your company realizes the safety and industrial hygiene?

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Seguridad e higiene industrial Tijuana

Why is safety and hygiene important in companies?

A prevention national culture on the subject of safety and labor hygiene, implies the respect of the right to be enjoyed of an environment of sure and healthy work at all the levels; the participation activates of the governments, the employers and the workpeople to assure a positive environment across a system of rights, responsibilities and definite duties and the attribution of the maximum priority at the beginning of the prevention.

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Seguridad e higiene industrial Tijuana


  1. Compliance audit
  2. Determination of degree of fire risk
  3. Study of potential risks generated by the use and/or maintenance of machinery and/or equipment
  4. Study of potential risks generated by the management, transport and storage of hazardous chemicals.
  5. Handling and storage of materials-safety and health conditions at work.
  6. Selection, use and maintenance of personal protective equipment.
  7. Constitution, integration, organization and operation of the safety and hygiene commissions.
  8. Authorization of Pressure-Subject Vessels and Boilers.
  9. Study of electrical hazards.
  10. Comprehensive industrial safety audit.
  11. Safety conditions for work in confined spaces
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