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Prodase Group is an environmental consultancy that offers a wide range of services to help companies protect the environment through compliance with applicable environmental legislation. We are committed to sustainable development and believe that it is possible to protect the environment while growing as a company. Below you will find a summary breakdown of our services, with a brief description of each one:
cumplimiento en el nivel municipal
Land use, definitive operating license, environmental contingency plan, certificate of security measures, feasibility of services and others.
area ambiental nivel estatal
Manifestation of environmental impact, registration of waters and emission sources, State COA and registration, plan and RME report.
area ambiental nivel federal
Federal environmental impact statement, operating notice, registration of office and/or health person responsible, Federal COA, registration, plan and report of hazardous waste and LAU Single environmental license.
monitoreos aprobados
Fixed sources, evaluations and recognition of temperatures, lighting, noise, resistance, vibrations and radiation, determination of metals and chemical agents, wastewater sampling.
secretaria de trabajo y previsión social
Regulatory compliance, Safe Company, Courses.
otros tramites
Secretary of Health, National Defense, Communications and Transportation.

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