Formation of internal brigades

The training course for internal civil protection brigades (NOM -002-STPS-2010) aims to provide basic knowledge, tools and skills on brigades for the safeguarding of people, equipment and documentary collection existing inside a home or environment. labor through the application of specific actions and procedures previously designed and taught by our accredited instructors.
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    Internal brigade training course | Tijuana Consulting

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    With this training course for internal civil protection brigades (NOM-002-STPS-2010) you will obtain basic knowledge about the importance of forming brigades at different times, which at the same time can be put into practice in daily life. . In both personal and work projects, the guidelines prescribed by law in NOM -002-STPS-2010 may be followed. La persona que forme parte de la Unidad Interna de Protección Civil o personal que se interese en apoyar a brigadistas de dependencias y organismos civiles, será capaz de definir las funciones que deberán de desarrollar brigadas antes, durante y después de una contingencia. Además parece haber una conexión entre el ruido comunitario y ciertos problemas mentales, debido a la demanda de tranquilizantes y somníferos, la incidencia de síntomas psiquiátricos y el número de admisiones a hospitales psiquiátricos.


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