Water discharge permits in Tijuana

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Water discharge permits in Tijuana are certified by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare

The “Potentially Polluting Water Registry” procedure is issued to natural or moral persons who pour, infiltrate, deposit or inject wastewater into a receiving body permanently or intermittently, or when infiltrating land , whether or not they are national goods, and may contaminate the subsoil or aquifers require discharge permits issued by the National Water Commission (CONAGUA) or by the Regulatory Institutions of each state.

calidad de agua

Benefits of water discharge permits in Tijuana

Monitoreo de calidad de agua

This plan contains answer measurements before emergency stages in order to guarantee the integrity of the persons, the facilities and the environment.

Frequently asked questions about water discharge permits in Tijuana

Does it apply to the company where I work?

It is an obligation for the business and companies to be provided with him, as it points out the Law of Civil defense in its article 40. In the article 78 of the same Law it is indicated that the individuals who for its use and destination should concentrate or should receive a massive persons inflow, are forced to be provided with an internal civil defense unit and to prepare an internal program.

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